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iTHERM ModuLine TT131

Product image industrial thermowell TT131 with flange ©Endress+Hauser

Welded thermowell for a variety of industrial applications

This thermowell designed according to DIN 43772 guarantees a high resistance to most industrial process environments. It is made from pipe or tube and is available in a wide range of diameters and materials. A specially designed thermowell tip ensures fast response times for a more efficient process control. Oversheaths in PTFE or tantalum can withstand extremely corrosive process conditions. It is offered with a variety of process connections: flanges, threads, weld-in or compression fittings.

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  • Especificações resumidas

    • Max. process pressure (static)

      Depending on configuration up to 100 bar

    • Maximum standard immersion length

      4.500 mm (177")

    • Max. immersion length on request

      4.500 mm (177")

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  • Benefícios

    • Modular configuration according to DIN 43772

    • iTHERM QuickNeck: cost and time savings thanks to simple, tool-free recalibration of the insert

    • Extension, immersion length and total length can be chosen according to process requirements

    • Wide choice of...

  • Campo de aplicação

    • Protects the temperature sensor against physical and chemical stress

    • High robustness for challenging process conditions

    • Pressure range: up to 100 bar (1450 psi)

    • For use in pipes, containers or tanks

    • Improved ease of maintenance (sensor replacement without...

Características e especificações



  • Measuring principle

    Fabricated Thermowell

  • Characteristic / Application

    metric style

    according to DIN 43772

    process connection threaded, flanged, compression fitting

    with neck

  • Head connection

    external thread:

    M24 x 1.5, 1/2" NPT, G1/2

    Female thread:

    M20 x 1.5, 1/2" NPT, G1/2


  • Maximum standard immersion length

    4.500 mm (177")

  • Max. immersion length on request

    4.500 mm (177")

  • Process connection


    G3/8", G1/2", G3/4", G1"

    NPT1/2", NPT3/4", NPT 1"

    M18x1.5, M20x1.5, M27x2, M33x2

    R1/2", R3/4"


    M20x1.5, G1/2", G3/4"

    Compression fitting:

    NPT1/2", G1/2", G1"


    DN15 PN40 B1, C

    DN25 PN20, PN40, PN100 B1, B2, C

    DN40 PN40 B1

    DN50 PN40 B1

    ASME 1" 150 RF

    ASME 1" 300 RF

    ASME 1 1/2" 150 RF

    ASME 2" 150 RF

    ASME 2" 300 RF

  • Thermowell root diameter

    9x1,25 mm

    11x2 mm

    12x2,5 mm

    14x2 mm

    16x3,5 mm

    1/4" SCH80

    1/2" SCH80

    1/2" SCH40

  • Medium contact material

    316 (1.4401)

    316L (1.4404)

    316Ti (1.4571)

    Alloy 600 (2.4816)

    Alloy C276 (2.4819)

    Alloy 446 (1.4749)

    Alloy 321 (1.4541)

    Sheath PTFE

    Sheath Tantal

  • Wetted part finishing (Ra)

    < 1.6 μm (63.00 μin)

  • Tip shape




    optimized for quick response times

  • Temperature range

    -200...1.100 °C (-328...2.012 °F)

  • Max. process pressure (static)

    Depending on configuration up to 100 bar

  • Max. process pressure at 400 °C

    Depending on configuration

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