Manual or automatic retractable assembly Cleanfit CPA871

Various options for flexible adaption to any process. ©Endress+Hauser

A wide variety of materials and process connections are available for any application.

Manual or automatic retractable assembly Cleanfit CPA871 ©Endress+Hauser

The stainless steel flange version with immersion chamber is perfectly suited for sticky media.

Manual or automatic retractable assembly Cleanfit CPA871 ©Endress+Hauser

The conductive PVDF version of Cleanfit CPA871 is suitable for hazardous areas.

Manual or automatic retractable assembly Cleanfit CPA871 ©Endress+Hauser

The PEEK version of Cleanfit CPA871 resists corrosive media.

Flexible process assembly for the water & wastewater and chemical industries

Cleanfit CPA871 guarantees the highest operational safety in both standard and demanding applications. Its intelligent functions prevent any leakage of medium during operation, cleaning or calibration, offering optimum protection of the process and operating personnel. The retractable assembly flexibly adapts to your application. Be it long immersion depths in sticky media, aggressive environments or hazardous areas, you choose the right material and specification to suit your application.

  • Benefícios

    • Highest operational safety: Intelligent functions prevent the assembly from moving into the process without sensor and the sensor from moving out of the process while it is in measuring position.

    • Suitable for demanding applications: The optional...

  • Campo de aplicação

    Cleanfit CPA871 is a retractable assembly for pH, ORP, oxygen and NIR sensors with a diameter of 12 mm and 120/225/360 mm lengths.

    It has been developed for the highest safety in:

    • Water & wastewater industry (including seawater applications)

    • Chemical...

Características e especificações



  • Measuring principle

    Sensor ORP / Redox

  • Measuring principle

    Sensor ORP / Redox

  • Application

    Chemical industry, Oil and Gas, Power, Water,Waste water.

  • Installation

    retractable process assembly

  • Characteristic

    open and closed tanks, piping

  • Design

    - robust and safe style - manual or pneumatic

  • Material

    holder: stainless steel 1.4435 (AISI 316L), Alloy C22;

  • Dimension

    immersion depth: 34 - 135 mm
    ( 1.35 inch - 5.30 inch), depending on process adaption

  • Process temperature

    - 10 - 140 C
    (14 - 284 F)

  • Process pressure

    pneumatic drive: 16 bar, (232 psi)
    manual drive: 8 bar, (116 psi)

  • Connection

    Clamp ISO2852 2", 3" ; Clamp ASME BPE2012 2",3" ; flansch EN1092-1 DN40, DN50, DN80 ; flansch ASME B16,5 2" 150 lbs, 3" 150lbs, threat NPT 11/2"

  • Measuring principle

    Sensor ORP / Redox

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