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  • Histórico

Instrumentation for a progressive dairy company project

MILEI relies on measurement technology from Endress+Hauser

MILEI 2.0 refers to the new plant in Leutkirch that boasts an additional 15,600 square meters of production space, where the highest quality products are manufactured with maximum efficiency. In this large-scale project, Endress+Hauser is responsible for the instrumentation that is used for both standard and more-demanding hygiene applications.

MILEI relies on measurement technology from Endress+Hauser ©MILEI
Membrane filtration of the milk and whey fractionating process ©MILEI

Membrane filtration is the most important aspect of the milk and whey fractionating process: pressure and temperature are monitored with the Cerabar PMP55 and iTHERM TM411


  • More than 2,500 measurement points reliably monitor the various values around-the-clock

  • As part of a stringent instrument standardization strategy, the variety of devices was reduced to less than 50

  • Endress+Hauser proved its value as an effective link between Milei and the equipment manufacturers

Gert Henke, Milei GmbH, Germany

Standardizing the equipment of our new systems involves a tremendous amount of effort. For this reason, we decided to place the measurement technology completely in the hands of Endress+Hauser.

Gert Henke, Head of Engineering
MILEI GmbH, Leutkirch, Germany

Customer challenge

With this new plant, the challenge for MILEI involved replacing the entire system technology, improving quality standards and manufacturing new products in the area of whey and milk while increasing capacity and efficiency at the same time. MILEI was aware from the beginning that the biggest challenge would be the harmonization of the measurement technology and hygiene standards across all the system partners. That meant finding a competent partner capable of tackling all of these challenges.

Our solution

Endress+Hauser was involved the project as early as the planning phase. Given our reputation as an expert partner and complete supplier with extensive industry and application know-how, Milei outsourced the "instrument standardization" project to Endress+Hauser. This ensured the installation of the right instrumentation solutions for hygiene-sensitive areas, while providing standard measurement technology across all equipment providers wherever possible.