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Portable turbidity meter
Turbimax CUE25

Portable turbidity meter
Turbimax CUE25 ©Endress+Hauser

Handheld meter for on-site quality control in drinking and process water applications

Turbimax CUE25 portable turbidity meter offers a grab sample measurement compliant to EN ISO 7027. It allows verification of your online turbidity measurements and control of your processes directly on-site. Operation is simple: fill the cuvette, insert it into the measuring chamber and get an instant reading. In addition, Turbimax CUE25 provides guided calibration according to predefined standards, helping to streamline maintenance.

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  • Benefícios

    • Easy on-site verification of your processes

    • Easy on-site verification of your online measurement loops

    • Guided calibration according to predefined standards

    • Waterproof for use in any wet environment

    • Rugged carrying case containing everything needed

  • Campo de aplicação

    Turbimax CUE25 is a portable turbidity meter for:

    • Drinking and process water:
      - On-site verification of processes
      - On-site verification of online measurement loops
      - On-site water quality monitoring in water works and distribution networks

    • Utilities...

Características e especificações



  • Measuring principle

    Single beam scattered light

  • Application

    Turbimax CUE25 / CUE26 are compact handheld meters for the measurement of turbidity in the field. They are suitable for the following fields of application
    " Drinking water
    " Process water
    " Wastewater

  • Characteristic

    " Rugged carrying case containing everything needed
    -battery pack
    -calibration standards
    " Waterproof case provides use in any wet environment
    " Versions with infrared light source
    " Auto ranging 0.01 ... 1100 NTU
    " Simple calibration procedures
    " Reusable calibration standards
    " Long-life batteries

  • Measurement range

    0.01 ... 1100 NTU/FNU

  • Measuring principle

    Turbidity measurement using standardised 90° scattered light method acc. to ISO 7027/EN27027(Infrared Light)

  • Design

    The transmitted infrared light beam is scattered by the solid matter particles in the medium. The scattered light beams are detected by scattered light receivers which are arranged at an angle of 90° to the light source.

  • Material

    Instrument housing: ABS, injection molded
    Sample cuvette: Borosilicate glass
    Carry case: High density polyethylene blow molded

  • Dimension

    H x W x L: 48 x 70 x 165 mm / 1.875 x 2.75 x 6.50 inches
    Instrument in carry case
    H x W x L: 63 x 250 x 216 mm / 2.50 x 10 x 8.50 inches

  • Process temperature

    0 ... 50 °C

  • Ingres protection

    IP 67 / NEMA 4x

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