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Analog conductivity sensor
Condumax CLS16

Analog conductivity sensor
Condumax CLS16 ©Endress+Hauser

The conductivity of a liquid can be measured using the conductive or toroidal measuring principles. This video shows what it is about and how these measuring principles work.

Conductive conductivity sensor for hygienic applications in pure and ultrapure water

Condumax CLS16 is a high-end conductivity sensor with certified hygienic design. It measures with highest precision providing you with reliable data for optimum process and product quality. Numerous certificates and various hygienic process connections ensure the perfect fit for your process.

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  • Benefícios

    • Highest precision and measuring accuracy

    • Hygienic design certified by EHEDG

    • Certified biocompatibility according to USP class VI and FDA compliance of all wetted materials

    • Sterilizable

    • Quality certificate stating the individual cell constant

  • Campo de aplicação

    Condumax CLS16 measures conductivity in pure and ultrapure water applications for the monitoring and control of:

    • Ion exchangers

    • Reverse osmosis

    • Distillation

    • Electro-deionizing

    • Water for injection (WFI)

    With its international explosion protection...

Características e especificações



  • Measuring principle


  • Application

    Pharmaceuticals, pure and ultrapure water

  • Characteristic

    Hygienic 2-electrode conductivity sensor

  • Measurement range

    k=0,1: 0,04µS/cm - 500µS/cm

  • Measuring principle

    Conductive conductivity cell

  • Design

    Hygienic 2-electrode conductivity sensor with coaxially arranged electrodes, electropolished stainless steel and FDA sealing material; sterilizable

  • Material

    Isolation: PEEK
    Electrode: polished stainless steel 1.4435
    Sealing: Isolast (FFKM) FDA conform

  • Dimension

    Electrode diameter: 17 mm
    (0.66 inch)
    Electrode length: 54 mm
    ( 2.10 inch)

  • Process temperature

    Max. 120°C (150°C/30 min)
    max. 248°F (302°F/30 min.)

  • Process pressure

    max. 12 bar at 20°C
    max.174 psi at 68°F

  • Temperature sensor

    Integrated Pt100 or Pt1000

  • Ex certification


  • Connection

    Process connection: Varivent, Neumo, Clamp
    Cable: TOP68 connector or fixed cable

  • Ingres protection


  • Additional certifications

    - calibration certification - surface roughness Ra<0,8 (0,4)- Material certification 3.1.B - EHEDG, pharma certificate of compliance

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