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Proline Promag 10W
Electromagnetic flowmeter

Picture of electromagnetic flowmeter Proline Promag 10W for the water & wastewater industry ©Endress+Hauser

Proline Promag 10W for the water & wastewater industry

The Electromagnetic Flow Measuring Principle

Flowmeter for basic water and wastewater applications with a highly cost-efficient transmitter

Thanks to its international approvals (e.g. for drinking water), Promag W serves a wide variety of applications. Combined with the Promag 10 transmitter for basic applications and direct integration, Promag 10W offers accurate measurement of liquids for a wide range of applications. It will be the preferred solution for customers aiming for minimized cost of ownership. Promag 10W is available as compact or remote version.

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  • Benefícios

    • Flexible engineering – sensor with fixed or lap-joint process connections

    • Reliable measurement – accurate measured values even with 0 x DN inlet run

    • Improved plant availability – sensor compliant with industry-specific requirements

    • Cost-effective –...

  • Campo de aplicação

    • The bidirectional measuring principle is virtually independent of pressure, density, temperature and viscosity

    • Suitable for elementary measurement tasks such as raw water intake

    Device properties

    • International drinking water approvals

    • Degree of...

Características e especificações



  • Measuring principle


  • Product headline

    The sensor with degree of protection IP68 (Type 6P enclosure) combined with a highly cost‐effective transmitter. The specialist in the water and wastewater industry for the most demanding applications.

  • Sensor features

    Secure, reliable long‐term operation – robust and completely welded sensor. Energy‐saving flow measurement – no pressure loss due to cross‐section constriction. Maintenance‐free – no moving parts. International drinking water approvals. Degree of protection IP68 (Type 6P enclosure).

  • Transmitter features

    Cost-effective – designed for easy applications and direct integration. Safe operation – display provides easily readable process information. Fully industry compliant – IEC/EN/NAMUR. 2-line display with push buttons. Device as compact or remote version.

  • Nominal diameter range

    DN 25...2000

  • Wetted materials

    Liner: polyurethane; hard rubber

  • Measured variables

    Volume flow

  • Max. measurement error

    ±0,5% o.r. ± 2 mm/s (±0,5% o.r. ± 0,08 in/s)

  • Measuring range

    9 dm3/min to 110 000 m3/h (2.5 gal/min to 700 Mgal/day)

  • Max. process pressure

    PN 40, Class 300, 20K

  • Medium temperature range

    '0 to +80 °C (+32 to +176 °F), –20 to +50 °C (–4 to +122 °F)

  • Ambient temperature range

    –40 to +60 °C (–40 to +140 °F)

  • Sensor housing material

    DN 25 to 300 (1 to 12"): AlSi10Mg, coated
    DN 25 to 2000 (1 to 78"): Carbon steel with protective varnish
    Sensor connection housing (standard): AlSi10Mg, coated
    Sensor connection housing (option): Polycarbonate

  • Transmitter housing material

    Powder-coated die-cast aluminum

  • Degree of protection

    Degree of protection: IP66/67, type 4X enclosure; IP68, type 6P enclosure

  • Display/Operation

    Two line display
    Push buttons

  • Outputs

    4...20mA + pulse,-/status (configurable)

  • Digital communication


  • Power supply

    AC 20 to 28 V
    AC 85 to 250 V
    AC 20 to 28 V / DC 11 to 40 V

  • Hazardous area approvals


  • Product safety

    CE, C-tick, EAC marking

  • Pressure approvals and certificates

    Certificate/Test: PED/VDS

  • Hygienic approvals and certificates

    Drinking water approval: ACS, KTW/W270, NSF 61, WRAS BS 6920

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